Kinetix Managed Voice

Voice traffic is one area of your business where you can enjoy dramatic cost savings simply through installing Kinetix Connect voice solution.

Kinetix Connect is a major supplier of IP-enabled voice solutions to the SME and corporate markets – and a leading Telco service provider. What’s more, we specialise in multi-branch deployments. We are thus the perfect choice to streamline your voice traffic system.

The objective is quite simple: termination of outbound and inbound traffic across all call types at the highest quality – and at very competitive rates. Primary backhaul media are fibre, diginet and microwave; secondary media are ADSL and GSM.

Importantly, where ADSL is used, our digital subscriber-line access multiplexer (DSLAM) connects direct to the Telkom ATM backbone, which guarantees you a 1:1 contention ratio. (A DSLAM allows telephone lines to make faster connections to the Internet.)

*Please note a static Public IP is needed for Kinetix SIP trunk when PBX is self hosted.

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